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"This Place, That Time", Ep. 5 of Morning Interim 
is being released in February 2018;
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The Safe House 
Pilot Episode 
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"Uncompromising. Atmospheric. Explicit." - Tune In; 
**Warning: contains explicit scenes of a sexual nature**
"An anguished poem of flesh." - Tune Out

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Illicit Diagrams
Episode 2 
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Episode 3 
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Further Illicit Diagrams
Episode 4 
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The Exclusive ThirstyRabbit In-Depth Interviews:
The creator of Morning Interim talks Episode 2 here
and Episodes 3 and 4 here
"A series of mirroring mating rituals." - The Urban Schiele; 
**Suggested for Mature Viewers**
"A tour de force in minimalism." - Double Turban

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- The NEW RELICS Restorations * Exclusive to THE VAULT -
Imogen Meets The Merchant (2001): an urban legend creeps into
modern life, encompassing two periods of a young woman's life.
Available for £0.59
Duchess, Duchess Deluxe: An old-fashioned tale about
the consequences of retrospective jealousy. Available for £0.59
Overture Redux: An unforgiving study of masochistic desires 
and their juxtaposition with marital bliss. Available for £0.59
Our 2018 Releases:
Rebeca Cunha takes the lead female role
in Segment#0 of Time & Ten Women;
photo: Diana Mota for Playboy Russia
The concluding part of the Trilogy initiated by
the feature films Absences of Mind 
and Stolen Waters & Other Absences

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